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Ideation | Choreography | Dance      

Stellario Di Blasi


Sammy Torrisi

Music composition                                            

Marco Saija

Production - 2015                               

Stellario Di Blasi

Artistic residency

Scenario Pubblico Performing Arts, ACS Abruzzo Circuito e Spettacolo

Finalist for 

Premio Equilibrio Roma 2015, Anticorpi Xl 2015 - Vetrina Della Giovane Danza D'autore di Ravenna

“I would like my paintings to give the idea that a human being had crossed them, like a snake, leaving a sign of human presence and a mnemonic trace of past events like a snake leaves its burr..."


The obsession of a inner tangle of feelings, a metamorphosis of emotions and sensations that reveal a perception in terms of incomplete humanity divided between the instinctive nature and divine.  

It’s about an inner process in which it is clear an urgent need for recognition, where the necessary transformation of parts of himself lived without acceptance.
An anatomy half human and half animal capable of biting, penetrate, suck; a chimera made of fetishes, prostheses and meat:  it is a constantly changing image of a human being deported to a dimension made of order and disorder.  

It is the desperate loneliness of a man demoted and abandoned  to his original condition. 
Sex, fighting, violence, loneliness and faith are the elements that define this man.  
As the same obsession of Francis Bacon and Michelangelo Buonarroti for a manly and inhabited body, a symbol of frailty human which is split between finished and unfinished, the pièce travels within and beyond the limit of non-place: our contemporary condition.

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