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Ideation | Choreography | Dance                    

Stellario Di Blasi

Production - 2018                               

Stellario Di Blasi

Winner project for

Uffizi Live 2018

Performance site specific

Uffizi Gallieres, Room of Michelangelo and Raphael (41) 

Photo credits

Uffizi Galleries

"In me la morte, in te la vita mia;
tu distingui e concedi e parti el tempo;
quante vuo’, breve e lungo è ’l viver mio.

Felice son nella tuo cortesia.
Beata l’alma, ove non corre tempo,
per te s’è fatta a contemplare Dio".



A dance insipred by the study of Michelangelo's sculptures for his Doni Tondo

A deep insight into Michelangelo's masterpiece, an intimate work conceived to displace his poetics in a material space in order to reinterpret his representation of contrasting shapes, masses and colours.

Spiral and twisting movements, arms and legs intertwined in a dissonant rhythm.

Haesh sounds alluding to figures sculpted and painted by Michelangelo do not aim at union but rather to opposition and contradiction of values: a body fighting and loving in a sequence of gestures with a scenic muscle strain.

Every single muscle is ready to surpass nature with strength, plasticity and dynamism and expresses itself as mere burst of energy, at an abstract pace which follows curves and edges.


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