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ISIDE | l'aria che tutto abbraccia

Ideation | Choreography | 2018         

Stellario Di Blasi


Laura Giuntoli, Silvia Oteri, I.I.S. Zerboni's students

Costumes designer                                            

I.I.S. Zerboni's students

Jewels designer

I.I.S. Zerboni's students


Production 2018                                

Supported by I.I.S. Romolo Zerboni di Torino, Scuola San Carlo di Torino, Piemonte dal Vivo / Lavanderia a Vapore di Collegno, Pindoc Onlus, Lab. Artist di Miriam Giuffrè

Following the concept of "reveal", in a perpetual reciprocal game, the performance invites us to enter into a undissembled, ancestral and current world at the same time. Through the flow of dance, in the use of the gesture, in the essence of the body, objects, trees, hills, rivers, the sea, as well as other human beings and also ourselves, our bodies are evoked, our emotional reactions.

These are suggestions that highlight what constitutes the shape of the world, not the real one, the real one that we all believe we see but the flow of change.

Isis, mother of all things, revealing the strength of a woman she loves and the power of suffering that transforms everything, allows us to convey, touch and see,

in myth, things as they are and as they have always been:

there it also conveys the innate charm of the continuous metamorphosis produced by the passage of time.

Archetype par excellence of the soul mate, Isis reassembles the pieces of intemperate love.

A heartbreaking and painful cult that turns the joyful soul when the day arises when we have to travel to that land that loves silence, suspended and embraced by wings...

... while the sky moves and the air that embraces everything and abandons itself to the continuously changing form of life.

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