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CARONTE | ad astratti furori

Concept | Dramaturgy | Habitat | Choreography                     

Stellario Di Blasi


Paola Valenti

Aquasonic, Yamamoto kotzuga

Year / duration
2018, 30'

Stellario Di Blasi / Versiliadanza - 2021

Co-produced by
Tersicorea T.Off

In collaboration with
Cantieri danza, Ravenna Festival - 2018 (prima assoluta)

Danza Urbana XL - 2018
Giovani Artisti per Dante . 2018

Artistic Residence
Casa Luft - Permutazioni

Video | Etiting
Stellario Di Blasi

“I was, that winter, prey to abstract fury. I will not say which ones, but I did not tell them about it.

But it must be said that they were abstract, not heroic, not alive; furore, in some way, for the lost human kind ...

This was the terrible: the stillness in the not hope ...

To believe the lost human kind and not to have fever to do something to the contrary, desire to lose me, for example, with him ...

I was agitated from abstract fury, not in the blood, and I was quiet, I did not want anything ...

But I stirred within myself for abstract fury..."

ELIO VITTORINI | Conversazione in Sicilia

The incipit of Elio Vittorini gave birth to the feeling of a totally free dance that proposes the idea of ​​reformulating the concept of psychopomp, transforming the mythological figure of Charon through a psychological short circuit: a counter-sexual component that identifies the soul and the animus of a helmsman who is not articulated by means of traditional iconography but with intimate characteristics that annihilate gender identity; proposing a queer vision integrated in a unitary and complementary way that is affected by archetypes belonging to the collective unconscious.

It is an identity journey out of time and active life, in a confidential mixed moment of awareness, hope, resignation, evocation and inner emptiness.

A changing Charon, mediator of distant universes, who not only ferries the soul of the dead but becomes a metaphor for someone who values ​​life, inducing the wandering spirit to wear a new body on unknown homeland shores, heralds of new springs. to the feeling of a totally free dance.

A journey into the memory of a young Charon whose ferocity has not yet been achieved, destined for a horrendous task as a helmsman from Hades.

An intimate look, that of this piece, out of time and active life, in a confidential moment mixed with awareness, resignation, symbolism and inner emptiness.

A dance of death, waiting for souls to fulfill their duties, reveals those abstract fury of solitary wandering and the attempt of an inner awakening in the face of malaise and a sense of inertia and powerlessness towards the sufferings of mankind.

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